Signature by Eram is a state-of-the-art salon that’s helping you look and feel sensational by transforming your everyday appearance which works wonders.

Since its inception in 2001 and with a dream team offering star-level treatment under its belt, Signature by Eram has become the most sought-after beauty salon in Faisalabad that’s known for its unparalleled experience and quality of service.

We are trusted by 10+ designers, 20,500+ brides, and 116,000+ clients up to date.
Our Philosophy: Making You Look and Feel Good
For the Empowered Women. By the Empowered Women
About the founder
Known for her passion for all things beauty, and her natural flair for makeup, Eram Waqar initially followed a traditional path of working under Depilex.

However, after working for many years, she realized that old-school makeup principles were not honoring women’s differences.

With this mindset and trusting her gut feeling to be more authentic with makeup and beauty, she founded Eram Signature – a local business that enables every woman to express herself easily, naturally, and beautifully.

What further sets Eram apart is her capacity to listen to the specific needs of each client and suggest treatment or create a look that leaves them satisfied and truly makes them happy when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Today, Signature by Eram is the largest women-led business in Faisalabad that goes above and beyond to ensure that its diverse range of customers and employees feel valued and supported. We hire only women and train them under company professionals, so you get first-class beauty and makeup experience every time.
Eram is a big advocate of giving back to the community as well. Her salon has high regard for the women’s workforce and is currently involved in four initiatives that are working towards empowering their female employees, so they shine and play an active role in society.
Helping Women Dream Bigger
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