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Glamming up to become the bride of your dreams is something all women look forward to. Your wedding day is a big deal and should be celebrated without any worry. You’re starting an important chapter in your life and so looking the most stunning version of yourself should be the one less thing to worry about.

Iconic Bridal Makeup for the Iconic You

You’re unique, and so should your wedding day makeup. You need to feel like you’re getting the makeup, hair, and skincare that is made exclusively for you. You need to feel like the main event – confident and comfortable in your own skin.

So, here’s how we do things differently at Signature by Eram. We understand that a bride has personal and emotional needs which need to be understood before the final day.

For this reason, we offer free consultations to the brides before finalizing a look. Our professionally trained makeup stylists and in-house dermatologists discuss your early history of skin problems and your current situation so we can work on curating the look that compliments you. We only use brands you’re familiar with and carry out patch tests before full application to observe how your skin reacts.

Additionally, brides get a separate room with complete privacy because your comfort is valuable to us. No rush, cookie-cutter schemes, or change of brushes between stylists – everything is clean and designed to offer you the utmost authentic and luxury bridal experience.

Complete Signature Experience

The best part is that you will get state-of-the-art treatment from artists without emptying your pockets and we can always work up a package that doesn’t break your wallet.

Why Us?
Because we’ve been doing this for 21 years and more! We’ve dolled up 20,500+ brides over the years, all amazing like you, and created wedding looks that accentuate your natural features, make you look classically beautiful and above and all, represent you.

Are you ready for the signature bridal makeup of your life?
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