Waxing, Threading, & Polisher

Need to remove the peachy fuzz from your face or pulled out hair from the roots? We’ve got you. We perform completely safe and clean body hair removal procedure that works well. Warm wax is applied using a spatula that’s discarded after every single usage. We take great care to avoid any cross-contamination throughout your wax session.

Threading is ideal for facial hair. For this, we use a clean thread that is rolled over the hairs, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Threading tends to be kinder to the skin as compared to wax since it allows faster healing time and reduces redness post-treatment.

Polishing is another great pampering skin treatment that removes dead cells from the skin and improves blood circulation. We use ingredients from premium brands that guarantee that you get a glowy, smooth skin immediately after the first session.

Stay confident in the fact that you are receiving the greatest degree of hygiene and attention since gloves are used during every stage of the service.
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